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 March 4, 2014

ILM Professional Services sadly announced today that its founder and current CEO Farhan Muhammad passed away suddenly on Monday, March 3rd. He was a successful entrepreneur, published author, devoted husband and father, and a passionate technologist.

Farhan was an early pioneer in technology and a consistent visionary in technology trends. He founded ILM Professional Services in 2002 with the focus on the emerging Microsoft .Net platform. Farhan was an engaging leader in the organization and in the Twin Cities development community. In 2012, Farhan expanded ILM's capabilities to include the newly trending usage of JavaScript in enterprise application development. In 2013, he added new focus on mobile technologies.

"He had an entrepreneurial spirit and was one of the kindest individuals I personally have ever met" said James Dietrich in an internal statement to employees. "He was passionate about technology and he will be missed greatly by all who knew him."

Luna Ahmed, President of ILM, will take over as CEO. ILM Professional Services continues to provide cutting edge technology consulting and application development focused primarily in the Twin Cities.

Services have not yet been announced. Cards, gifts, flowers, and words of condolence can be directed to ILM, 5221 Viking Drive, Suite 300, Edina, MN 55435

 2014 Schedule Change!

New in 2014: Twin Cities .NET User Group Announcements

Happy New Year! There are some big changes to announce for 2014. First, we're moving the meeting day back the first Thursday (except this January 2014) of each month. I'm pretty excited to be back to our old slot. Most members told me they preferred the evening instead of lunch-time meetings, so we're making it happen. As always, the monthly invite will have the exact date and time since other circumstances may warrant an exception. Unless otherwise stated, though, meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30.

The second piece of news is that we have a new home! ILM has built a meeting space at their office in Edina. Many of you have already seen it at the happy hour in December, and it looks great. It will be a great place for us to meet every month.

Of all the suggestions I've gotten from members over the years, having the presentations available online, streamed or otherwise, has been the most common. Well, we're going to try to make that happen this year. There will be some initial experimentation as I try to figure out the right techniques for delivering quality streaming video, so please bear with me. More information about where to watch the presentations will be included in the meeting notices.

Lastly, the website, and how meeting notices are sent out, will be undergoing some changes in the next month. Please be sure to sign up for the event notifications so you'll always know where and when we'll be meeting.

Here's to a great 2014!




The Twin Cities .NET User Group presents on topics of interest to local Twin Cities .NET developers. Pizza will be served, courtesy of our friends at ILM.  Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the ILM office,  5221 Viking Drive, Edina, MN 55435.


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